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Thai Yoga Therapy

Relaxation, Pain Relief, and Sports Therapy


The beauty of Thai Yoga Therapy is the range of its healing options. A client may opt to have an intense stretching session coupled with firm or strong accuppressure techniques in order to help remove stubborn knots or blockages in the muscles and energy lines of their body; Or a more relaxing session where mild to medium  accuppressure motions with gentle stretches is administed.

We all have different levels of pain tolerance. The practitioner will make every effort to communicate and support  your comfort level. The bottom line is that Thai Yoga Therapy can be adjusted to fullfill whatever your particular needs  are in that moment in time.

Thai Yoga Therapy combines and emphasizes alignment principles, joint mobilization, rhythmic rocking (soothing to the subtle senses), energy balancing and assisted stretches to create a uniquely diverse and healing modality.


This wondeful artform will help to relax, stimulate, and improve your mental and emotional wellbeing. Oils are not used in Thai Yoga Therapy. However, clients are able to totally relax, sometimes even fall asleep during the session. The goal of the practitioner is to make your experience as enjoyable and relaxing as possible.


Neck, Back, and joint pains, and muscle soreness discomforts have been reaching an epidemic high in our society in recent years. Studies have shown negative lifestyle habits play a huge part in our bodies being racked up in pain. Daily habits that contribute to pain in our bodies are, (1) incorrect sleeping positions, (2) long periods spent sitting at our desks at work, (3) Poor diet and nutrition, and (4) Toxins in the environment, and (5) lack of exercise.

Thai Yoga Therapy is a great modality that helps to reduce aches and pains in the body. It combines stretching and acupressure massage along the energy meridian lines of the body.  Eastern healing philosophy is based on the premise that the human body has energy meridian lines that run from the feet to the top of the head.  When these meridians get blocked due to unhealthy daily habits, imbalances can arise, leading to pain, discomfort, and disease.

Each session with the practitioner is tailored to address your individual needs.  If an individual is having back pain issues, the practitioner focuses his/her attention on loosening muscles in those areas. However, attention is also given to other areas of the body as well. The practitioner will address opening the hip areas (front and back), with stretching and massage techniques. The muscles of the whole leg are addressed as well.

Thai Yoga Therapy treats the body as a whole connecting mechanism. It follows the philosophy that if stress and pain is manifesting in one part of the body, then the rest of the body is also affected.  Thai yoga Therapy can help to decrease pain in the body, reduce muscle soreness, while improving flexibility and joint range of motion.


Thai Yoga Therapy, like Sports massage, is very helpful to all kinds of Athletes. It is good for all athletes, ranging from sport professionals such as football, tennis, basket ball, golf, or hockey players, to recreation and hobby enthusiasts.  


Thai Yoga Therapy technique is tailored to an individual’s specific sport of choice. Tennis players and golfers for example would get a lot of work done on their arms, shoulders, back, hip, leg and calf muscles, while for a biker focus would be on back, hip, hamstrings, quadriceps, etc.  Athletes tend to push their bodies very hard with aggressive, explosive, repetitive movements, and as such, muscles, joints and skeletal structures become stressed in trying to protect the body from injuries.


Thai Yoga Therapy is a great tool for long and short term maintenance, as well as preventative care. It is an effective therapy for both before and after an event.  It can enhance your performance as a pre-event preparation therapy, or improve recovery time of muscles after an event.


A custom designed program with your specific needs, will aid in increased flexibility, reduction in fatigue and muscle stress, endurance improvement, helps prevent injuries by at least fifty percent, promotes faster physiological recovery, and improves concentration and focus.


Whether you participate in sporting activities as a professional or as a hobby, Thai Yoga Therapy is a great tool to help maintain and keep your body in peak performance, as the effects of stress and overuse are minimized excessively.

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