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About Gnosisia

Gnosisaia Johnson
Healing Arts Wellness Facilitator

I have been actively involved in the Healing Arts for over Fifteen years.  My journey of awareness began when I started observing the unhealthy changes that were happening in my body, and made a commitment to be healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally.


While living in New York I became a practitioner of yoga. It is through this inspirational and transformational journey of my relationship with yoga, that I have come to believe that all physical in-balances manifest because of mind, body, emotion, and spirit, not working together as a whole. 


In 2004 I received my first certification with Shantaya Yoga and Bodywork School.  I am always actively immersed in learning and advancing my skills and knowledge base in my craft, to better serve and assist individuals in their journeys to wellness. Since living in Atlanta Georgia, I have also worked in the fitness and health gym industry for over ten years, learning and implementing strength training skills, which I incorporate in my wellness programs as need fits.


It is my personal belief, that all individuals have an innate healing mechanism that can guide them through their own healing processes. I use tools of yoga, bodywork, massage, meditation, breathing, strength training, and more, to assist individuals in achieving balance, harmony, peace, and general wellbeing in their lives.


My own personal journey of growth and development over the years at times, has been quite challenging. It has however, blessed me with humility, and, as such, I have immense compassion for all of life working through their own challenges of pain and suffering. At the end of the day we are all a work in progress, working on evolving into a better self. We are all mirrors of each other. At the core of our existence, our lessons are the same. Our unique and individual experiences, which are often fear based, give us different perceptions of the truth. We evolve at our own pace and time. In honor of love and free will, it is my intention to create non-judgmental spaces supporting healing transformations for all whom I am blessed to meet.


In light and love.

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