Master Practitioner with over 12 years experience 

Thai Yoga Therapy

Available for in home, office and hotel visits

with RePass Breathing


Experience a gentle form of stretching by doing yoga on/with a chair.  The poses and and repass breathing technique is designed to relax mind and body,  while loosening back and hip muscle areas. Great exercise for seniors, or those who have balance, mobility, disability  or standing issues. This class is safe for all to participate.



This is a fun class!

  • learn basic stretching techniques with a partner.

  • The stretches are simple and easy with a Thai based sequence of poses.

  • Partners experience the joy of giving and receiving, working together in trust, loving kindness, and support of shared strengths and limitations.

  • Emphasis is on breathing and relaxation during the poses.

  • Invite a family or loved one to share this lovely healing experience.


This is a specialized class to help alleviate issues of  back and hip problems. 

The sequence of poses are especially beneficial for individuals who sit at desks or travel a lot.

Emphasis is on stretching the back muscles from the neck and shoulder areas to the base of the back, while opening and loosening the hip and lower body muscles.

Muscle strengthening, breathing, flexibility, focus and relaxation are some of the benefits of this class.


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